Nebula - Test Project

A test project of a nebula made with particle generation

February 28, 2017
Adobe After Effects
Just a test video playing around with some particle generation, Not the first time I have done this but just has been awhile as I have moved my focus elsewhere for the time being try to learn new things. Took me about an hour and made a breakdown at the end of the video.
Here is a social media upload to follow with the current trending meme "Shooting Star" and to fulfill my boredom while things render. The nebula was a quick test render in 1/4 quality to check how the outcome would be as the built in plugins in Adobe After Effects do not support GPU acceleration well. My editing machine suffers from a lack of GPU acceleration support still as I have put in a GTX 1070, the second most powerful consumer GPU available in the market (2016/Early 2017).

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